Mathilda invited her teddy bears to partake in a tea party in the field, around the teddy bear rug in a field. She was a gracious hostess, keeping the animals tea cups topped up with tea, milk and sugar at all times. At the end of the tea party she even put all the animals down for naps :)

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I have known Jacqueline since she was just a wee little tot playing Barbies with my little sister. And with one of her three brothers being my age, and another one just a year younger, plus having grown up just up the hill from their family, well…I guess you could say there’s some history there. In the past I have cried during intimate ceremonies, during speeches, and during father-daughter dances, but I think this day marked the first time I teared up during “getting ready” photos. And it caught me by surprise. I can only imagine the mess I will be if/when my own siblings decide to tie the knot! sheesh.

Jacqueline found her soul mate in Adam. To see them together is to know what love is. They have fun together, they are there for each other, and they adore each other. They had a beautiful ceremony on the terrace at Glen Abbey, and later in the evening we were entertained and in tears (again) over some fantastic speeches, including a hilarious slideshow put together by Jacqueline’s brothers.


They’re a little bit goofy sometimes :)


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Amrita’s mom contacted me last year about photographing her 7th birthday party but I already had prior obligations. I was thrilled when she contacted me again this year about Amrita’s 8th birthday party at Art Thompson Arena. After an hour of skating the kids all enjoyed some delicious food and cake. Check out that cake!

The whole group of kids:

The birthday girl with her aunt and adorable cousins

The amazing skating-themed cake, and everyone got a cookie to take home as well:

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