On a day when it would have been understandable to be a little disappointed with Mother Nature, these two never let the last minute changes get them down. We may not have had a mountain top wedding, but we did make it up there after the ceremony, and the cloudy sky made for beautifully lit photographs. We had a great time at this reception – the dance floor was rocking, including an awesome impromptu Gangnam Style performance!

Susan+Rhys-0063_WEB Susan+Rhys-0093b_WEB Susan+Rhys-0107_WEB Susan+Rhys-0111_WEB Susan+Rhys-0188_WEB Susan+Rhys-0289_WEB Susan+Rhys-0299b_WEB Susan+Rhys-0304_WEB Susan+Rhys-0341_WEB Susan+Rhys-0351_WEB Susan+Rhys-0394b_WEB Susan+Rhys-0432_WEB Susan+Rhys-0439_WEB Susan+Rhys-0526_WEB Susan+Rhys-0529_WEB Susan+Rhys-0623b_WEB Susan+Rhys-0777_WEB

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Friends’ weddings are some of the most fun, yet stressful, to photograph. Of course I want all my clients to be happy with the images I create for them, but with friends there’s an added pressure, because it would be super awkward at future get-togethers if they hated them.  (Thankfully that has never happened.)

Rich and Tara had lots of awesome details incorporated into their day. I loved the peacock details and colours – and everything around us seemed to fall into place and enhance the theme. The hotel lobby where we ended up doing family photos had awesome yellow chairs (complementary colour to purple – the colour the bridesmaids were wearing), and at the Distillery District there were some awesome blue designs on one of the outdoor walls that matched Tara’s shawl and shoes!

I find it hard to narrow down my blog selections when I know the subjects personally, so I’ll add some comments throughout the images below. Enjoy!


Custom Chucks. Awesome.


Just some of the cutest kids ever. Can also be seen here, and here and soon here (once I blog baby Ava’s newborn session).


The inside of Tara’s clutch – how cute is that?
Rich+Tara-0092_WEB Rich+Tara-0101_WEB

They saw each other before the ceremony, but they kicked me out of the room. This is when they let me back in ;) Rich+Tara-0153_WEB Rich+Tara-0217_WEB

Goofballs (below, in case there was any doubt).


Then Grandma interrupted our photos and made everyone cry.

Rich+Tara-0236_WEB Rich+Tara-0254_WEB Rich+Tara-0274_WEB Rich+Tara-0280_WEB

How awesome is Tara’s dress? Perfect for a rainy day like this, as we didn’t have to worry about a long train, and it showed off those awesome heels!

Rich+Tara-0281_WEB Rich+Tara-0290_WEB Rich+Tara-0309_WEB

If you look closely at the cake photo below, you can kind of see that the cake topper figures are also grabbing bums. Rich+Tara-0331_WEB

Tradition, smadition. These two walked down the isle together, after each of their families also came in together. It was a bit squishy (Rich has a large, and constantly growing, family), but such a great break from the norm.

Rich+Tara-0369_WEB Rich+Tara-0395_WEB

Seeing their AMAZING cake for the first time. Tara’s sister made it for them, and they weren’t allowed to see anything until this reveal. This girl has some serious talent. Check out the next image for a detailed explanation of each layer. And contact Holly here to talk about your own cake needs! Rich+Tara-0434_WEB Rich+Tara-0451_WEB Rich+Tara-0473_WEB

Seating charts on records, beer glasses and custom coaster party favours, and who doesn’t love a game of madlibs?

Rich+Tara-0342_WEB Rich+Tara-0591_WEB Rich+Tara-0661_WEB Rich+Tara-0687_WEBThank you, Rich and Tara, for choosing me to capture your day. Hope I did it justice :) Love yous.

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  • Amelia Dunfee McKenzieOctober 28, 2013 - 5:18 pm

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures!! So pleased to catch glimpses of much loved family members and to see the love and joy on the faces of the bride and groom!!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel LevyNovember 23, 2013 - 12:51 am

    Finally have good enough internet to look at these properly! They are so amazing! Congratulations again and congrats also to Tara G for the amazing photos! xReplyCancel

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