I squeezed in one extra special newborn session for sweet little Hanna before the holidays – she arrived a little earlier than expected, which I’m sure meant lots of baby snuggles and oohing and awwing for this family at Christmas. Older brother Max was one of the first sessions here at my home studio, and it’s amazing how much Hanna looks like a tinier version of Max as a baby. That means Hanna is destined for super-cuteness as well :)

Hanna’s first Christmas photos:

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My good friend Rachel and I used to work together right out of high school. We lost touch for a bit after we both moved to other things, but I’m so glad that we reconnected in time for me to document her family as it began to grow. Despite his not-always-eager participation in this session (see the last photo), I know Max will be a great big brother. This little one was born about 35 hours after this session, we made it just in time! Watch tomorrow to find out if it was a boy or girl ;) Those of you that follow me on Facebook will probably already know though, so you’ll just have to come back to see the rest of the photos!

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Many of you have seen photos of my niece on my Facebook page, but one of the downfalls of being so busy this last year is that I fell way behind on blogging. And as much as I love little Hartlee, I felt bad devoting time to blogging photos of her, when I still have stuff from 2011 that hasn’t even made it online yet! So I have cherished every moment with her, taken lots of photos, and set them aside, hoping to get back to it at some point.

Well today is this little lady’s FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! So I could not delay any longer.

I want to wish the happiest of birthdays to this tiny person who has brought so much joy into her family’s life over the last year. While it’s flown by, it also seems hard to remember life before she was in it! Hartlee – Uncle Ryan and Auntie Tara love you SOOOOO much, and we are excited to watch you grow and learn new things, and we look forward to all the adventures yet to come. Thank you for being so darn cute and loving.


Love this image her looking up at her Great-Grandma, the day she was born. And at just 5 days old, she was already giving me those eyebrows we all know and love now ;)

A few random images from the first few months:

Her 6 month session:

Around 9-10 months here:

Uncle Ryan and Auntie Tara babysitting at Grammy’s:

And of course, Halloween and Christmas. What a cute lil pumpkin :)

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