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Have you ever had a moment with your kids where you wished you could freeze time, and always remember their sweet little face, or their crazy hair, or the way they pick the fluffies off their toes after removing their socks?

I was a photographer long before I became a mom, but once I had my son I became obsessed with documenting all these little moments that I knew wouldn’t last forever, and it actually broke my heart to think I might forget a single thing.

I started photographing the details, and the everyday. Or hiring someone to do it for me so I could be IN the images. Less perfect moments, more moments that become perfect as time passes.

I’d love to photograph your children, and your family, in your home, documenting YOUR everyday.

boy in his room family session

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Lately I’ve been wanting to get back to my roots, from a time before I had a studio space in my basement, and I actually had to leave my house to work! Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to work in my PJs some days, but visiting a family in their own home and documenting their natural interactions, seeing the kids interests and personalities, it can be such a more intimate and meaningful experience. In-home family lifestyle sessions are my new obsession!

The Reinson family picked a few activities that they enjoy doing together – make your own pizza, a family puzzle, and reading a new book together. I also snuck up to the kids room despite mom’s cries of “Noooooo, they aren’t clean!” To which I replied, “Perfect!” ;)

I always end up with way too many images from these sessions, so here’s a slideshow with some of my faves.






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I generally don’t put much effort into resolutions (making them, or keeping them!), but lately I’ve really been thinking a lot about how my body is aging, and also craving more time to work on various ideas I have for my business(es). So I’m making some goals and putting plans in place!

RESOLUTION ONE – Get stronger!

My body is letting me down:

  • I’m tired, even though my 22 month old is an AMAZING sleeper.
  • I feel weak, and don’t have the strength to do things like I used to.
  • The inflammation in my finger joints flared up again as I let my eating habits change out of laziness and lack of time.
  • I weigh equal or less than my pre-pregnancy weight, but things look different, (mamas, you know what I mean, right?!) And I’m worried that people might start asking me when I’m due, even though I’m not pregnant again.
  • I would like to being pregnant again, if my body is capable. This is a tough one to admit, in case it doesn’t happen. It’s very possible it won’t happen, and that’s okay too. But if it does, I’ll be ready.

So I decided it was time to get my butt in shape (as well as the rest of me). On the Black Friday weekend, I signed up for a online coaching program that is tailored to my needs and goals, and I’ve been doing it! It’s hard. My muscles are not used to moving. But it feels good. I did cheat on the diet a bit with the holidays, but hoping for some noticeable results in the new year, and I’ll be avoiding the nightshade foods that cause my inflammation to flare up. (Damn you, delicious tomatoes!)

RESOLUTION TWO – create a healthier home!

Time to get rid of everything that could be hindering Resolution One. I’m switching out more of our home and body products for more natural options. As someone with fertility issues, if there’s a product that contains hormone/endocrine disrupters, I don’t want it near me anymore. I take a number of vitamins and supplements recommended by my naturopath, and try to avoid over-the-counter medications whenever possible, in favour of a natural alternative. And now, cleaning products, soaps, shampoo and conditioner, skincare regimens, it’s all changing. I was also already using a natural deodorant for a number of years, and started using vinegar solutions for much of our cleaning once our son came along, but I’m kicking it up a few notches!

RESOLUTION THREE – show up here more!

I’d like to start posting here and on my social media pages more regularly, with more useful content, and also as a way to show things I’m currently loving or working on. It’s definitely been tricky to find time for things like this, but I’ll be making it more of a priority, and having Nana-Daycare set up on a regular basis in the new year will hopefully allow me to work more efficiently on those days, and be fully present for my son on the other days. Plus, I may get to bed earlier and not be up late trying to get work done instead of sleeping. A win-win-win.

If anyone has any advice, tips, Pinterest boards, etc. that could help me stay on track, please share with me! And as part of Resolution Three, I will share some great finds I come across too!

Wishing everyone a 2018 full of health and happiness, and anything else you desire!


Here’s a photo of my little guy from November. So cliché, but he makes me want to be a healthier, stronger mama, so I can be there for him in every way!


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