Baby Steps

My son is 19 months old now, and in the last couple weeks it seems like he’s grown so much, he’s more boy than baby. 

He has learned all the uppercase letters of the alphabet, and repeats nearly every word I say (yup, time to be extra careful/creative with swear words now), and yesterday at playgroup he walked right in, even though we’d never been to this particular location before, and found some toys to play with. Previously, he had clung to me and sometimes panicked, wanting to be held when he was in new situations with lots of people and kids he doesn’t know (and sometimes even when he does know them!). 

Then at the park, he started crawling up the stairs for the slide, when, without even looking back at me, he stood up tall, grabbed the railing, and walked up the rest of those stairs like he’d done it his whole life. I cheered him on, so proud of his confidence and willingness to take the risk, while a small piece of me just wanted to scoop him up and tell him to slow down. 

Boy on Steps, Birdseye view
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