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**UPDATE! The studio renovation is complete and I will be sharing photos of it soon! And the new website is now in full effect :)**


I remember it starting with, “Well we’ve only been here 3 weeks, so we haven’t had a chance to change anything yet!”

That was a legitimate excuse. But it soon became:

Well we just moved in a couple months ago, so…
We haven’t been here long, and things are crazy around the holidays…
We’ll have more time once I’m home more often on the weekends this winter…

I scared the HECK out of myself when I realized that we have only been in our “new” house for 10 months now – ALMOST A WHOLE YEAR!

“Oh, we’ve only been here for a full year, so in twelve months, three hundred and sixty-five days, we just really haven’t had time to get a quote for studio floors.”

REALLY?? What is wrong with me? Who is this person I have become? I have this To-Do list that I keep stating should be done, yet I do nothing to make it happen. Granted, budget can certainly play a part in some of these big plans. But I don’t even know what the cost will actually be, because I haven’t even asked anyone! Well, I figured if I write it here, I will have to actually do something about it. Keep me accountable, internet!

That quote for studio floors – it’s happening on Saturday. After that, painting will commence, then maybe, MAYBE I will actually be able to hang all these beautiful portraits on my walls (like the new 20×30 canvas featured below, currently on my loveseat), instead of just leaning them against the wall, and moving them every time I need to move anything around the studio! Sheesh! (As an added bonus, I won’t have to wipe kids fingerprints off all the frames after every session!)

Once my floors are in, I will be better able to use the studio as meeting space as well, without having the sub-floor get in my way. (Don’t ask.)

Also on the radar – a new website! Yippee! Hooray! Happy Happy Joy Joy! You may not have noticed (or it might be glaringly obvious, especially now) but I don’t technically have a website, per se. The blog has been my main source of interweb presence, along with my Facebook page, and it has gotten me by. After all, you’re here, right? :) But I am long over due for a professional looking site that is better able to showcase all my fabulous clients, and make it easier for you all to connect with me! So keep an eye out for that in the sometime-sort-of-soon-but-maybe-not-too-soon-depending-on-how-things-go future!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Enjoy your green beer :)


Tara Graham is a nationally accredited newborn photographer in Oshawa, ON, specializing in maternity, newborn, and family photography in Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Courtice, and Bowmanville in the Durham Region.

There is never a bad time to set goals for yourself! In fact some would say that it’s better to set smaller more achievable goals throughout the year, so that you feel like you’re accomplishing something, and continuing to challenge yourself, rather than getting frustrated because you don’t know where to begin. That being said…

I haven’t written too much about my personal life in the past (should that be a resolution right there?) but looking back at all the families I’ve documented over the last year, it reminds me that it’s time to have updated photos done with my own family! The last time I had photos done with my siblings was when my hair was still short, and I don’t even recall the last time we had photos done with our parents in them. Relatives on both sides have also been hinting at the fact that it would be nice to have a full extended family photo. So one of my resolutions is to ensure that all of these photos happen before we’re ringing in 2012. And I’ll also add to that list that I would like to have photos done of Ryan and I that aren’t self-portraits or cottage party pics!

One of my other big resolutions is one that most people make every year – and that’s to get in better shape! As I approach the big 3-0 this April, my body is certainly letting me know that I am not getting any younger! I want to make sure I can keep up with all the little kids running around the studio, and outside in the beautiful spring weather we are all awaiting! I’ve never been too concerned with the number on the scale, I just know when everything feels right, and when it doesn’t. My goal is to attend hot yoga 3 times a week. I’ve been going sporadically for the last couple of years but lately I have been more diligent, and since the beginning of December there has only been one week where I didn’t make it there 3 times, and that was due to another appointment that was rescheduled. I love that yoga combines so many aspects – strength, awareness, flexibility – yet there are variations for all levels, and there is no “end place” or physical goal to achieve. It’s all about being happy in your own body, where you are, today.

If you’re interested in checking it out, see the link in the sidebar or click the following link to take you to their Facebook group – Eternal Hot Yoga. New yogis pay for their first class, and can then attend two more classes in the same week for free. I don’t get anything for signing up new members or anything like that, I just really believe in it, and encourage everyone to check it out. And it’s not just for the ladies, trust me men, it’s a challenging workout.

I’ve also been walking a few days a week with my mamma, so all in all, my activity level is far beyond what is has been in the past! Now if I could just cut back on the sweets…

Of course, I also have business goals and resolutions, and hopefully I will be able to share the results of some those with you over the coming months. Others will just be mine to know ;)

So, what are/were your resolutions for 2011? Are you sticking with them, or have they already been broken?

Here’s the sibs and I from way back in 2006. I can’t believe how much we’ve changed in just a few years. I should mention that it was freezing cold and windy that day… but seriously, that’s some hair I had going on that day (I’m on the left).


Tara Graham is a nationally accredited newborn photographer in Oshawa, ON, specializing in maternity, newborn, and family photography in Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Courtice, and Bowmanville in the Durham Region.

A big thanks to everyone that came out to see me on Friday and have photos taken of their children for our contest! You’ll all be receiving emails in the next day or two with your proofs, so email me if you don’t receive yours by the weekend! Details will also be enclosed regarding the special price list ;)

My assistants (thank you Megan and Trayc!) and I had a super fun day seeing all the little ones (about 100 of them in total!) and loved seeing all the adorable Halloween costumes! It was extremely difficult to choose a winner – they were all just so good! After much deliberation, we chose this little cutie:



The sock monkey costume, and that scrunchy-face smile with the bottom teeth showing – simply love it!

To the mom of this cheeky monkey – I’ll be in touch with you to set up a date for your complimentary session and print package.

Again, I greatly appreciate everyone that stopped by, and hope to see you all again for your next photo session, or at the next Mamas and Chicks show in the spring!

Tara Graham is a nationally accredited newborn photographer in Oshawa, ON, specializing in maternity, newborn, and family photography in Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Courtice, and Bowmanville in the Durham Region.
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