Moms-to-Be: Enjoy Prenatal Yoga Durham Region

You’re a mom-to-be that wants to take care of your body and you probably found this page while searching for “prenatal yoga Durham Region”! For many pregnant women, one area of their research focus is exercise and figuring out which options are suitable and safe to do during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is an excellent option for expectant mothers.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Yoga has many benefits for expectant mothers, and a prenatal yoga class will focus on the techniques and poses that will help you throughout your pregnancy and into the 4th trimester.

  • Breathing Techniques: There are a variety of yoga breathing techniques that you will learn in a prenatal yoga class that can help prepare you for labour and delivery.
  • Tension Relief: The poses practiced in a prenatal yoga class can provide relief for tension in the back and hips. This tension relief can also help with your posture and decrease pain in these areas.
  • Bonding with Your Baby: Prenatal yoga is a great way for you to connect with your baby. The calm environment during a yoga class allows you to quietly and mindfully connect with your unborn child. 
  • Decrease Swelling: Flowing through the yoga postures can improve your circulation, which can help with any swelling you may experience. Get some relief for swollen feet or ankles, a common complaint, especially later in pregnancy. You’ll be glad you did!
  • Helps with Sore Muscles: The gentle stretches in a prenatal yoga class can help ease the aches and pains in your sore muscles. It may not be as effective as a massage, but it comes as a close second.
  • Relaxation: Practicing prenatal yoga will help you feel calm and relaxed, which can then improve your sleep. Since many expectant moms will have trouble sleeping due to the struggle to find a comfortable position to sleep in, going to bed already calm and relaxed will certainly help. Doing some prenatal yoga poses before bedtime will definitely help in achieving a good night’s sleep!
  • Strengthens Your Body: The practice of prenatal yoga helps to strengthen important muscles, such as the pelvic floor and core muscles, to prepare for childbirth. Keeping these muscles strong during pregnancy will also help with your body’s postpartum recovery.
  • Forming Friendships: Attending prenatal yoga classes gives you a chance to meet other expectant moms, some of whom may be due around the same time as you. You can make new friends for future baby playdates! And it can be super helpful to have a support group of like-minded women as you navigate through each trimester.
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An important thing to keep in mind as an expectant mom practicing prenatal yoga is to be mindful of your body’s limitations, especially during the third trimester, and modify poses to be more accessible. Most instructors will offer modifications, but if there’s anything you’re having difficulty with, don’t be afraid to ask for another option. Every body is different, and what comes easily to one person, may not work for others. Listen to your body and never force yourself into any position that is uncomfortable or painful. Otherwise, enjoy the relaxation of prenatal yoga and have fun!

Prenatal Yoga Durham Region Options

Looking for some prenatal yoga classes in Durham Region? Here are a few options you may want to consider, be sure to check their online schedules for current offerings:

KeepFit Women offers in-person and online options. You can modify parts of their regular program during your pregnancy, and they also offer a StrollerFit option for after your babe is born.

Mindful Mama Hypnobirthing + Yoga offers prenatal and Mom and Baby yoga classes through Power Yoga Canada at their Oshawa location.

Fit Mama Strong Durham In-person they offer classes for Mom and Baby, and a Stroller Fitness class. Online they offer prenatal fitness and prenatal yoga classes, as well as classes your older kids can do at home with you too!

Bohemian Bliss Yoga offers prenatal classes in their Whitby studio.

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Now that you’ve found a great way to keep your body prepared to ease the aches and pains of pregnancy with Prenatal Yoga in the Durham Region, don’t forget to schedule your maternity photoshoot! I would love to help you document this special time in your life, and nobody has ever regretted having their pregnancy documented in beautiful images ;)

Coming soon: Exercise options for mom and baby!

See any information that needs to be corrected, or want to add your yoga studio to the list? Send me a message!

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