Taking Photos of Your Newborn at Home


Whether you own a DSLR or just a mobile phone, I’m here to help you take some gorgeous images of your new baby (or your older babies and kids too!) Before you dive into taking photos of your newborn at home, have a plan of action, and also be kind to yourself and don’t stress if you don’t get to everything you hoped. I struggled so hard with the emotional and physical pain of trying to photograph my own baby. But looking back on what I did document, I no longer care that they aren’t perfectly posed, I’m just glad I took something.

You can view the video tutorial below, and I have also summarized the contents with photos here in this post, just keep scrolling.

Now might not be the time to learn how to shoot in manual mode if you’re not familiar with the settings yet, but if you just need a refresher, definitely check out the video version of this tutorial. Otherwise, throw it in program or auto mode, and know that your exposure and white balance can be adjusted when editing.

Similarly, please don’t try to replicate the poses and prop shots you see professional photographers posting. There is often years worth of training and practice to perfect these images, and lots of safety considerations. Keep baby on a safe, stable surface, and always have a spotter if there’s any chance of babe rolling (on a bed, sofa, etc.)

· you don’t need a ton of space, but good light will make a huge difference
· diffused window light is ideal (overcast day, or sheers over the window)
· have the light washing down over baby’s face from above and slightly to the side, not from below
· baby’s crib/room, the master bedroom, or the family room are usually good options!

newborn lighting tutorial

· don’t forget to get in close and document all those cute little features
· eyelashes, lips, ears, fingers, toes, belly button, top of head

macro newborn baby details closeup

· use a receiving blanket, stretchy fabric, or a scarf
· can wrap legs tighter than a traditional swaddle for sleep, just be sure to loosen the wrap on their legs if you’re putting them to bed after taking your photos.
· try different wraps (see video for a tutorial)

newborn simple wrapping

· have a spotter if possible, or be within arm’s reach
· you know your children best, if you can’t trust them with the newborn for at least a few seconds, please don’t attempt sibling photos on your own
· lay down a pillow and cover it with a nice blanket
· lay the older child down first, with arm out
· Place baby down and wrap older child’s arms around at chest/tummy

sibling photos

· There are plenty of options for editing on your mobile phone, including the built-in camera app. For more options and control, check out the Lightroom app – it’s my favourite! Some others I’ve heard good things about include Snapseed, PicTapGo, and VSCO… tell me your faves and I’ll add them here!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m dying to see some sweet new babies and would be happy to help you get adorable photos of your little ones.

You can also check out the following places for just about anything you can imagine:
· CreativeLive – only free when watching live, but there are tons of classes available in all kinds of topics, including courses on using specific camera models – in case you have a DSLR and no clue what to do with it – this is a great option to get started. Use this link to get $15 off any class you can download and keep forever: https://refer.creativelive.com/s/Tara170
· YouTube – you can find lots of tutorials and tips for free


If you’re a new or aspiring photographer, you can also grab this free PDF where I share my favourite workflow programs and tools, as well as what’s in my camera bag,

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