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Last week I had the pleasure of attending a little presentation by Durham naturopathic doctors Dr. McCulloch and Dr. Sandilands from Durham Natural Health Centre. We followed that up with a tour of their office in Pickering. I was surprised to learn the scope of issues and ailments they treat.

What is a Naturopathic Doctor?

A naturopathic doctor is a primary care giver, in the same way most of us think of our family doctors or GPs. The difference is in the assessment and treatment methods. One small example they gave, was rather than suggesting tylenol for your headache, they will ask questions and perhaps suggest various tests to get to the root cause of the headaches. Then they treat the underlying issue, and prevent the issue from recurring, instead of just covering it up.

As I listened to them describe the number of issues associated with food sensitivities, and what a major role these sensitivities can play in your overall well-being, I was amazed! I thought about all the people I know that complain about various issues that could be related to the food they are eating!

Is a Naturopath covered by OHIP?

Naturopathic health care is not covered by OHIP, but it is covered by many benefit plans. Maybe you’re like me and have no coverage. I can say that the financial costs are minimal compared to the benefits of improved health and wellness. Receiving adequate time with your doctor so they can properly assess and monitor your condition is a welcome change. And knowing that the treatments don’t involve adding toxic medications to your body that don’t belong there, is a huge plus.

Click on the image or link below to check out Dr. McCulloch and Dr. Sandilands, Naturopathic Doctors at Durham Natural Health Centre as they discuss what Naturopathic Medicine is all about and the connection between your skin and your digestive system.

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Having now been under naturopathic care for over one year, I can say that my overall health and stress levels have greatly improved. I have cut gluten and dairy from my diet, as well as nightshade foods (tomato, peppers, eggplant, potatoes). These foods were causing inflammation in my joints, and affecting my ability to do simple tasks. It’s definitely a big life change, and was difficult at first, but over time, better habits are formed. My kitchen is now well-stocked with healthy ingredients instead of processed junk. I love the team at DNHC, and feel like I am in good hands there.

***UPDATE 2***

Now that I have a healthy, happy baby boy, I am able to let it be known that I had sought out naturopathic care due to unknown fertility issues. After two early losses, no one else would help us unless we had 3 miscarriages, or a year of trying with no results. I had a feeling there were other issues at play, but couldn’t get the required testing done. In the mean time, under naturopathic care, I was able to get my body and mind in a better place, and tried various dietary and supplement changes, while we waited for a referral to a fertility clinic. I still see Dr. McCulloch, as does my son, who also sees the family doctor at the suggested intervals. I think we found a nice balance between “traditional” and naturopathic treatments.


For more information, or to request a complimentary 15 minute consultation to learn more, you can find everything you need on their website: www.DNHC.ca

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